Perception Arts began in 2000 as the design division of an existing company - Advanced Systems Group or ADSYG. Ari Miller, a systems engineer with a background in design, provided a simple graphic for networking client in need. Over the following year, that opportunity blossomed into a free-standing department offering custom web and graphic design. When ADSYG was purchased in 2005, Miller decided to take a shot at going it alone. And here we are today (Thanks, Dan).

Perception Arts entered the market at a time when the Internet business was truly divided. If you were not working with a considerable budget, one beyond the average small to medium business, a decision had to be made - form or function?

Is It Better To Look Good, or To Do Good?

Due to the high cost of custom development and the limits of technology, creating the type of functionality taken for granted in today's sites was well out of reach of many. As a result, small to medium businesses resorted to the simple digital brochure. In the earliest days of the Internet, just having a presence was enough and any of the flashy rollovers and effects that FrontPage offered was icing on the cake (when they worked). Here is where Perception Arts found its niche.

Leveraging professional quality design to relatively simple sites allowed discerning companies the ability to stand out from the crowd. Offering the services of both web and print allowed for continuity and brand building. Perception Arts became the goto for its clients for everything creative - from web and print design to branding and general marketing services. The focus on long-term relationships has allowed PA clients to think of us as part of the in-house team.

As technologies have progressed, so have our services...

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

In 2009, Ari Miller and long-time colleague and brilliant developer, Blue Presley, decided to form a union. To marry together his masterful development work "in the kitchen" and Perception Arts "front of the house" design. The result is greater than the sum of its parts. Bringing Drupal-based CMS technology to the back-end of a professionally designed theme has allowed us to creates sites that showcase the highest quality of both form and function.

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This year marks the 231st anniversary of the Battle of Ramsour's Mill in Lincoln County, NC and they FINALLY got a web site. This year we...

At long last, the new Perception Arts site is ready. I couldn't be more excited to move into my new digs.

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This is the case study for INCS web site development. This will outline the project and display screenshots.