Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs

In today's "i" world, design has come to mean much more than just what color something is. It has become a broadly encompassing term that marries the look and feel of something to its function. The iPod is a model of elegance because all the look and feel elements come together to make it so - size, weight, materials, color, etc. But as we saw with so much of the competition, those things are not enough. The design of the interaction, the wheel or touchscreen, is what has set the iPod, and now iPad apart. The result is a staggering 76% market share of the global MP3 player market. The "i" family has become synonymous with its function.

This same philosophy holds true with web development. Why are some sites so successful while their very similar competition fails? How do Amazon and Ebay flourish in a market that is constantly bombarding us with alternatives? Examine these sites as examples of how to elegantly take an unimaginable quantity of incredibly diverse data and serve it out to an audience so that anyone could use it. This is the real challenge of web design - to make information accessible to everyone, in a way that is intuitive and enjoyable.

At Perception Arts, our goal has been to bring together design and development in a way that allows businesses of all sizes to provide their clients with a site that feels right and performs well. We aim to help you build an audience and promote the perception of your company that it deserves, within a budget that is fair and reasonable. We don't promise to be the cheapest on the block, but compared apples to apples you'll see that what we offer is worth every penny.

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This year marks the 231st anniversary of the Battle of Ramsour's Mill in Lincoln County, NC and they FINALLY got a web site. This year we...

At long last, the new Perception Arts site is ready. I couldn't be more excited to move into my new digs.

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