Design = Cooking : Development = Baking

If graphic design is cooking, web development is baking. Cooking and graphic design allow a certain amount of room for the "Oops Factor", the human touch. Development is a much less forgiving beast. As any baker will tell you, if you don't follow the recipe and measure just right, your cake won't rise. It's either 100% right and works, or its 99.9% right and doesn't. Baking and web development require a strict attention to detail to succeed.

This is where Perception Arts truly begins to shine. Through in-house talent and a the gathering and management of outside specialists, Perception Arts provides functionality to match the form. We accept nothing less than for your site to look and work their absolute best. We don't create for creation's sake.

Our eye is always on the big picture and the bottom line.

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This year marks the 231st anniversary of the Battle of Ramsour's Mill in Lincoln County, NC and they FINALLY got a web site. This year we...

At long last, the new Perception Arts site is ready. I couldn't be more excited to move into my new digs.

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This is the case study for web site development.

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This is the case study for INCS web site development. This will outline the project and display screenshots.