How much does a web site cost?

Perhaps the most common question we're asked is, “How much does a website cost?” And of course the answer is, “It depends.” It's fairly hard to give ballpark estimates about how much a web site project will cost. Each project is different; each client is different; and each projects merits a unique approach. The most important thing to remember is: The more information you can give us up front the more accurate we can be with your estimate.

Having said that, we have a good idea of what our services cost based on the outcomes of successful projects. We understand that having this information can be very valuable to clients when planning to embark on a new web site project. Here we've listed our most common services and ranges depending on what's involved. These ranges are based on Perception Arts standard rate of $80 per hour.

General web site redesign

For an already existing web presence, the following is a "typical" end-to-end approach and costs involved.

  • Discovery and Scope Definition: 8 to 30 hours, $640 to $2400
  • Information Architecture: (User interface; link and navigation structure; content layout; calls to action; etc) 25 to 50 hours, $2000 to $4500
  • Visual Design and Art: (1 direction, 2 to 3 revisions) 20 to 150 hours, $1600 to $14,500
  • XHTML/CSS Mock-ups: 10 to 40 hours, $800 to $3200
  • Content Management System installation and configuration (Drupal): 10 to 40 hours, $800 to $3200
  • Copywriting and Content Build Out: (Depends largely on the number of pages) 0 to 50 hours, $0 to $4500
  • RANGE: $5000 to $29,000

The lower end of the range represents the average cost of simple, more static, "brochure" type websites we've developed. The higher end represents dynamic sites with much more complexity and planning involved. These sites typically integrate interactive components such as blogging, forums, e-Commerce and online store solutions, or whose requirements relied heavily on custom application development. Copy writing and content development represent a significant cost of any estimates. If you have in house resources to handle content build out, this cost can be avoided.

New web site construction

The same steps that are involved in redesigning a web presence go into designing a new site from the ground up. However, because it is a new web site, much more time is spent in the discovery and planning stage. More attention is given to defining and measuring business goals via the website so the company can better understand the return they expect to see on their investment.

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